Thank you for an amazing 2012!!

Anyone out there? I decided to take a few weeks to myself, after the rush of the Holiday season and before Wedding Season begins,  but I promise, there are LOTS of blog posts ready to be published!! Before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming of Weddings, Engagement Sessions, Newborns, Families and Baby Bumps I just wanted to pop in to tell you all Thank you for an amazing 2012. Thank you for your incredible support, words of encouragement, and pats on the back. I get emails almost every day from Blog readers wanting to book a session, ask me questions about my photography, or telling me they’ve sent someone my way because they read these words that I write here. Ive had 2 Brides join the JHP Family the past week alone who said they have been following my blog for years, one even before she met her Mr.!!!! It makes my heart so full to know that my words are read, and my images are seen. I am blessed every day by incredible people. Beautiful couples who are starting their lives together, families who are living their dreams to be families, Moms about to have new babies, and new babies about to change the world just by being here. So I am so happy that I am able to share those moments with all of you.

I still cannot believe that am living every second of my dream. I wanted more then anything in the world to own my own business, to capture memories for people that will be passed down from generation to generation. I wanted to spend my days with amazing people, with amazing things happening to them. To say that I love what I do would be an understatement. I wake up every day in awe that this is what I get to do. That these amazing, incredible, kind people allow me into their lives on the most important of occasions. So Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. Thank you all for coming into my life and changing me, making me a better person, and fulfilling my life more then you will ever know.

I had such an amazing 2012. Over 30 Weddings photographed, hundreds of families captured, countless newborns snuggled, lots of Hugs from Mothers of Brides, lots of tears that fell behind my camera as I watched Brides dance with their Daddies, lots of heart stopping moments when little ones reached out for my hand to hold, or wrapped their arms around my legs at the end of their sessions, or blew me kisses from their tiny hands. Lucky. I am so incredibly lucky. For all of you and all your moments. Thank you. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings.

And because every post needs an image, heres a little sampling of some of the amazing holiday cards I got from my clients this year! This is about 1/3 of them, and I apologize if I didn’t post your cards!!!! These were just a few I gathered for a photo. The rest are posted all over my giant corkboard, to remind me everyday how lucky I am.

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