Meet Sawyer


On October 10th, 2013 I welcomed my first child into this world. I had hoped and wished and prayed for him for years. The minute he entered this world my life, and my heart, were forever changed. I always knew how important photography was. Always. In my every day life my mind would try to freeze things, like the shutter on my camera, so I would always remember that moment forever. The way the light sparkled, the glimmer in a loved ones eye. When Sawyer was born, those feelings were amplified. This world became even more beautiful and time started to fly by. I wanted to document everything about him. His dimple. The way one eye crinkles a bit when he smiles.  The way he kicks his feet so hard he acts as if he is about to run a marathon. I wanted to always remember the way his fingers wrapped around mine, the way his little arms flapped at my voice. The way he would stare up at his mobile above his crib in awe and fascination.

Every time I document a moment in someones life I think about this child. One day that will be my son and I dancing at his wedding. One day my son with smash his first birthday cake. One day my son will have little tiny curls that bobble around as he runs everywhere. One day my Son will stand at the altar waiting on his Bride to walk towards him.

He has amplified my creative eye. He has made my heart a sponge to all the moments that happen at Weddings and within families. He is my muse, my inspiration, and he only helps me to understand even more just how powerful photography can be, and what an incredible honor it is for my clients to allow me to document their greatest moments.