Standby – Minor Technical Difficulties

Hello my sweet blog readers. It’s taken me a while to be able to write this because, well, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Last week I got the worst email an avid blogger like me could get. “Your blogs been hacked”. Don’t get me wrong. I am an avid backer-upper. You have to be in this business. Images are taken from my camera, downloaded on to my hard drive, and external hard drive, then triple backed up on a 3rd external hard drive. No one however, ever mentioned that you had to back up a blog! I assumed that since it was on the internet, everything I have ever posted, images, blog posts about my beautiful brides, and incredibly sweet families, would always be out there in internet never never land. Well, guess what happens when you assume folks. After a few days of crying and total devastation, mourning over a blog full of amazing memories, amazing images, and sweet client comments, my amazing blog designers over at Flosites were able to resurrect my blog from the abyss that is the internet. One glitch, they were able to get back all the words I’ve ever written, but not 10 months of images. So, internet, if you’re looking for images of weddings and newborns and families, engaged couples or published weddings please, please head over to my website at I will be, over the next few months, slowly trying to restore all the images that I have posted here along the way. Please stand by as I refill all the gaping holes in the blog, as well as update new blog posts.

I also want to take this time to tell all of you out there how amazing you were. I had Grooms emailing me with amazing tips and tricks on how to get back everything I’d lost, Brides asking tech gurus from their places of employment to help me out, I had blog readers from all over the U.S. finding what they could for me in their google readers and sending it to me to help me repopulate my blog. This tells me one thing. That I have incredible blog readers, and clients, and that I have been able to get across in my words just how important my clients, their images, and their memories are to me. Never have I been more aware of just what this blog means to me. It’s not just a place to post sneak peeks, or sessions, or important news. Its more than that. It’s a place where I go to write. Write about how my heart feels when I hold a newborn baby. How my heart feels when I see a newly engaged couple giggle at each other, a man and woman officially pronounced Husband and Wife, and how my heart feels full every single time I photograph someone.

 So stay tuned sweet readers. One day I will get this baby back up and running.

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