Bre – Class of 2011


 I have mixed emotions this time of year. I adore that I have so many sessions and weddings to shoot, but its also bittersweet because my little blog, one of my FAVORITE things about my business gets very, very, neglected. The blog isnt the only neglected thing around here. Those of you that know me, or have been reading the blog a while know I have a 4 legged little daughter, Sophie. Shes a golden retriever full of sass with a giant heart,   who is sitting inches from my desk pushing her little face into my leg as hard as she can to try to get my attention (this was only after, at 6 years old, she decided to pull paper items out of my office garbage can, shredding them, trying to make a point). Sophie, I tell her, I promise as soon as Christmas Card season is over you and I will spend lots of quality time together. If she was a teenager she would roll her eyes and stomp out of the room, the door slamming behind her. So, my dear internet friends, please don’t roll your eyes and walk out, door slamming behind you. I promise I have lots and lots of images to share!! And I promise not to neglect you any longer!!! Check back every day this week for new posts!

Up next, sweet Bre, class of 2011. Ready to graduate and take on the world. And in looking at these images, she may or may not break some hearts along the way;-)









Love this image, its a little more “fashion magazine” then Im used to, but those eyes!!! I had to use them;-)

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