Sara – 2011 Senior Rep! Jacksonville Senior Photographer

Every time my camera shutter clicked I had flashbacks. Flash backs to my Senior year. A year that was full of fun, and love. Heartbreak and Happiness. It was a year of growing, of learning who I really was. Friendships grew, and friendships faded. I found love and I lost love. It was a year of innocence along with a year of worry. Worry about where I would go from there? Who would I become? So much was won and lost in that Senior year. So many memories made. I will always have those memories. Many of those memories made me who I am today. So all I could think of while photographing Sara was that maybe these images would become apart of her memories. That this one evening at the beach, with her sweet friend Casey, would be something they would always think about, and giggle about for years to come. I remember doing something very similar with one of my very good high school friends. We “modeled” for a photographers portfolio. The funny thing is I remember exactly how I felt that day. Young, beautiful, full of life. I remember the photographer snapping away as my sweet friend and I giggled and laughed and knowing that that image was capturing exactly who we were right at that moment. Free. The entire world in our hands. Isn’t that what photos are all about? Capturing those moments and memories? Just like the moment I had 10 years ago, I wanted simply to capture who Sara is right now. I hadn’t met Sara before I photographed her but I could tell very quickly what she was all about. Sara was a mixture of alot of things. Equal parts girly and athletic, equal parts sassy and sweet. The perfect mix for someone ready to make her way in this world.

  • June 22, 2010 - 5:48 pm

    JD - I wish I had senior pictures like this!!!!!ReplyCancel

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